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An adventure…Sticks and Stones

I am sure that most of us have heard the line “Sticks and Stones can break mybones, but words will never hurt me”.  As we have grown older we know that is not necessarily true.

Ace Collins has written an amazing book containing stories/scenarios of how words can change our lives and potentially the purposes we see within our life.  This week was cheerleading tryouts at my school and a perfect place for me to try some of the ideals presented by Collins.  I had to leave the scripture in my mind but it was so interesting to see the reactions by many of the potential squad members.  They have probably had a coach or two that has had to yell to get their point across, where as I was attempting to use respect, quiet tones, and explanation.

I have moved this book from my home library to my desk at work.  I think it is a great read especially for those of us who use our motivate the next generation of individuals or our co-workers.

Here is the link for Sticks and Stones

Hope you have a great daily adventure.